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In Japan, there is a legend about a mysterious alien, the creature is regarded as the devil and described as having a body half bird and half human. These creatures are called by the name of Tengu.Amazingly, the mummies Tengu neatly stored in Aomori prefecture.

Useum Hachinohe in Aomori, northern Japan, is home to a tengu mummy who supposedly was originally owned by Nobuyori Nambu, Nambu clan leader who ruled the Hachinohe in the mid-18th century.

Mummy to have a human head, but has hairy legs and wings like a bird. Tengu that has become a mummy is believed to come from the town of Nobeoka (Miyazaki prefecture) in southern Japan.Some theories said that the mummy is up to the northern Japan after bequeathed to some member of the ruling Japanese Samurai family, to finally get to Hachinohe in Aomori Museum.

Tengu mythology begins around the 6th century BC in line with the arrival of Buddhism to Japan from China. Tengu is considered as goblins who live in the forests and mountains. They are said to have supernatural powers like being able to transform into a human or animal, can speak to humans without opening his mouth and was able to move from one place to another on the fly using wings.

Tengu word actually means "dog heaven". In Chinese mythology, this creature also has its own place under the name Tien Kou (Tiangou) which also means a dog heaven. Name is not in accordance with the description of the Tengu. These creatures have no way as a dog, but more like a bird.

Book Nihon Shoki, which is considered the most ancient records first mention Tengu, written in 720 AD, states that in that century Japan a meteor across the sky and the meteors are called by a Buddhist monk as Dog Heaven (Tengu). But how Tengu evolved from a meteor into flying creatures are not known with certainty.

Tengu Mystery

In general, Tengu has two physical forms. The first is called Karasu tengu who has a head and beak like a bird. The second was a Konoha tengu who has a shape like a human but has wings and a long nose (sometimes called a Yamabushi tengu)

Long-nosed Tengu as known to people today is the result of the depiction of people in the Middle Ages. In the story Konjaku Monogatari-sh?, Mite described could run on air, and as a ghost-shaped kite that makes a man possessed. The depiction is expected to take the model of a ghost Temma in the Buddhist concept that described the human body and a pair of wings.

Mite early models may change in the first half of the Muromachi period. In the collection of folklore Otogiz? Shi Tengu no story there Dairi (Palace of Tengu) that the main character named Kurama Tengu. In addition, Ushiwakamaru reportedly received art lessons at the Temple of the sword of tengu Kurama.Dalam Heike Tale, mite is described as "human but unlike humans, birds but not like a bird, a dog but do not like dogs, arms and legs like a human hand and foot,his face like a dog, has a wing on either side, and can fly. "

According to legend, as a young boy, a legendary Japanese soldier named Minamoto no Yoshitsune who lived in the years 1159-1189 been practicing swordsmanship with the king of Tengu Soujoubou Kuramadera in the mountains near the northern Kyoto.

There is no description and further information about the mummies on display in the museum Hachinohe. Is it really pure evil, cryptozoology creatures, or a fake artwork from centuries past.Some researchers believe that the mummy was a man-made works of art, but no definite evidence provided to support this theory.

source : yahoo.com

The funeral procession of Tibet: Sky Burial

Sky burial is the burial traditions in Tibet. The procession was preceded by praying corpse then take the body to the top of the mountain where many birds of prey are located. At the top of the mountain, the corpse is placed in the position of the body face down, with his head tied up and mutilated in order to invite the vultures come. The birds will eat all parts of the bodies. Sometimes the bone is also finely ground and used as food for smaller birds, like crows. Part of the skull are also sometimes taken home to be used as beverage cups. They believe that the body is a vessel for the soul and must be returned to nature.

Harsh climate of Tibet is hilly and rocky to the difficulty of finding land for burial or cremation and firewood is impossible for burial there. Therefore, the way the sky burial is considered more practical than buried or cremated.

Mountaintop site of the procession is believed to be the entrance to nirvana. The majority of the population are followers of Tibetan Buddhism, the religion which is believed in reincarnation. Therefore, the bodies of the deceased has no meaning anymore and will eventually return to nature, either by a vulture or described in the soil. Thus, this method is believed to be much easier for the spirits of the dead to get to nirvana, for giving charity to the vultures.

Source : wikipedia.org

History and Mystery of Borobudur Temple

Are we've all thought about how the process of making the world's most magnificent temple named Borobudur? The temple is obviously built on dynasty dynasty that in fact there was not yet advanced technology as it is now. How do they make?

How many workers needed to build these masterpieces? Borobudur is still a lot of mystery since it was rediscovered by Raffles in 1814 until now.

Approximately three hundred years ago, where this temple is still in the woods by a nearby resident called Redi Borobudur. For the first time, the name Borobudur is known from the work of MPUPrapancaNegarakertagama manuscript in 1365 AD, mentioned about the monastery in Budur. Then BabadTanahJawi script on (1709-1710) there is news of Mas Fund, a rebel against King Pakubuwono I, who was caught in the Redi Borobudur and sentenced to death. Then in 1758, sparked the news of a prince of Yogyakarta, the Prince Monconagoro, who would like to see a statue of a knight trapped in a cage. Then in 1814, Thomas Stamford Raffles got the news of his subordinates on a hill covered with carved stones. Based on the news that Raffles sent Cornelius, an admirer of art and history, to clean up that hill. After cleaning for two months with the help of 200 residents, the building of the temple are clear and the restoration was continued in 1825.

Unlike the giant pyramids in Egypt and the Pyramids of Teotihuacan in Mexico Candi Borobudur is another version of the pyramid. Borobudur pyramid form kepunden staircase will not be found in the region and any country, including in India. And that's one of the advantages of Borobudur temple which is a typical Buddhist architecture in Indonesia.

Seeing the splendor of the current building Borobudur and other temples in Indonesia has great knowledge about the civilization of Indonesia. A variety of science involved in the reconstruction effort undertaken by the Borobudur Temple Teodhorus van Erp. We should appreciate his efforts given the various constraints and difficulties faced in rebuilding the temple.

to date there are some things that are still a matter of mystery surrounding the founding of the Borobudur Temple, for example in terms of rock composition, how to transport the stone from the area of ​​origin to their destination, whether the stones were already in the desired size or shape of the original still rocks the mountain , how long the process of cutting the stones to the size you want, how to raise the stones from the bottom of the page to the top of the temple, the crane is used? Given the time there were no blue drawing (blue print), then by means of what are they going to negotiate the steps work to be done, in terms of relief images, whether the stones were installed after the last image, or a smooth rock in a state The new sculpted to draw. And starting from where the image was carved, from top to bottom or from bottom to top? And many more mysteries yet to be revealed by science, especially about finding space on the main stupa of the temple.
source : yahoo.com

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